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Public Policy Priorities for the 114th Congress

Summary and Updates of ACA Prevention and Public Health Provisions

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Policy Activities

Healthier America Project

Prevention and Health Reform
The historic 2010 health reform will revolutionize disease and injury prevention in the United States. For the first time in our country, we will have a National Prevention and Public Health Promotion Strategy to lay out a vision and road map for improving the health of Americans and a substantial Prevention and Public Health Fund to provide the ongoing support and research needed to successfully implement the strategy.


Obesity is one of the leading health threats facing our nation. TFAH advocates for proven, community-based approaches to this growing crisis and the development of a nationwide strategy to involve all sectors of society in the solution.

Health Disparities

Health Disparities
Despite the amount of money spent on healthcare in the United States, there remains a wide gap in the health status of different groups of Americans. Investment in public health should seek to diminish these disparities by increasing access health care coverage, healthy foods, active lifestyles, and preventive healthcare.

Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness

Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness
A prepared public health system means that the healthcare infrastructure, emergency response network, and public health departments are communicative, well-resourced, trained, integrated and resilient enough to respond to any type of public health emergency. TFAH believes where you live should not influence your level of safety in a disaster.

Food Safety

Substance Misuse and Mental Health
Prescription drug abuse has quickly become a top public health concern, as the number of drug overdose deaths - a majority of which are from prescription drugs – have risen dramatically. Prescription drug related deaths now outnumber those from heroin and cocaine combined and drug overdose deaths exceed motor vehicle-related deaths in a majority of states.

Child Health

Child and School Health
From pandemic flu preparedness to obesity prevention, children are not just "little adults" when it comes to public health planning. Their unique needs and abilities must be taken into account when developing public health strategies.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health
The earth's changing environment presents new public health challenges, from emerging infectious diseases to increases in chronic conditions. TFAH urges increased investment in surveillance, environmental public health tracking, and research to address the connection between our environment and our health.

Public Health Funding

Public Health Funding
Many public health programs are chronically underfunded at all levels of government. TFAH advocates for an investment in our future by supporting funding for preparedness, disease prevention and environmental health.

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Pandemic Flu and Infectious Disease Prevention
The increasingly global nature of travel and industry, the changing climate, and even overuse of antimicrobials have led to new and virulent strains of disease that represent a worldwide threat. TFAH contends that surveillance, biomedical research and stockpiling, and thorough planning are the best means to mitigate a global outbreak.