About the Trust

Trust for America's Health Staff

John Auerbach President and CEO

J. Nadine GraciaExecutive Vice President and COO

Richard Hamburg - Executive Vice President, Strategy and Policy

Anne De Biasi - Director of Policy Development

Tim HughesExternal Relations and Outreach Manager

Albert Lang - Senior Communications Manager

Adam Lustig Project Manager, Promoting Health and Cost Control in States project

Dara Alpert Lieberman - Senior Government Relations Manager

Kevin McIntyre Government Relations Representative

Genny Olson - Policy Development Manager

LaToya Ray - Manager of Organizational Operations

Jack Rayburn - Senior Government Relations Manager

Rebecca Salay - Director of Government Relations

Emmanuel Sarfo - Financial, Human Resources and Compliance Manager

Molly Warren - Health Policy Research Manager

Emily Wilson - Project Manager, Healthy Students, Promising Futures

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